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On A Letter

September 25, 2011

I’ve been really into these guys the past two days. A glass of cognac with any of Sam Prekop’s albums playing with a book and a puppy makes any day lovely.

Artist: Sea and Cake
Track: On a Letter
Album: Car Alarm


June 18, 2009

I’ve been traveling back to Iowa city from Germany for the past day. I got back about an hour ago, and I’m here bringing you some sweet tunes. Listen in.

Here’s the set so far:
1. Boss Hog’s Winn Coma
2. Minor Threat, Salad Days
3. Pussy Galore’s Dick Johnson
4. Lush’s When I die
5. Catherine Wheel’s Flower to Hide (Released around 91/92)
6. Telltale hearts, No Surprise
7. Melvins, Houdini, Going Blind (Released around 93)
8. Nirvana, From the muddy banks of the wishkah, Sliver (there’s a couple of gems of this 1996 release of Nirvana’s live tracks.)
9. Sugar, Copper Blue, Helpless
10. The Replacements, Nightclub jitters
11. Yo La tengo, Some Kinda Fatigue
12. The Breeders, Here no More
13. The Cure, Doubt
12. MC5, I want you right now (a great request)
13. Iggy Pop, Gimme Danger
14. Sonic Youth, Dirty, Chapel Hill (released in 92)
15. Swirlies, Cats of the Wild: Volume Two, Indian Ocean Nose Dive
16. Black Flag, my war
17. Bad Brains, Big take over
18. The Sea and Cake, The Sea and Cake, Show boat angel (Its hard to believe that this came out in 94, it still seems so fresh to me.)
Here’s a more recent track, Weekend

19. Stereolab, Dots and Loops, Diagonals (released on or around 97)