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Old Canes

March 15, 2010

Here’s a couple of tracks from their 2004 release Early Morning Hymns.
Blue Eleanor

Both Falling Bright

Here’s some tracks off of their new album Feral Harmonic, released in 2009 (you can find the album on Saddle Creek Records).
Little Bird Courage

Flower Faces

Look at the packaging for this CD, its beautiful:

Eric Bachmann, Crooked Fingers, and Archers of Loaf

February 18, 2010

Here’s a tid-bit of a couple of tracks and an interview with Eric Bachmann talking about the end of Archers of Loaf and the beginning of Crooked Fingers.

Here’s a solo track from him called Man O’ War off of his album To The Races, which is brought to you by Saddle Creek Records. I was lucky enough to see him perform most of this album live in Iowa City at the Picador. He’s a giant and beautiful man, I loved the show.

I was also lucky enough to hear him play White Trash Heroes, which was a track that he performed with his first band archers of loaf. It’s one of my all time favorite tracks. I think you can hear even back in 1998 he wrote intriguing lyrics.

You can check more about this prolific artist at his website here.