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Meet Polly Jean Hehnly

January 20, 2010

(taken by Heidi Hehnly)

That’s right, since it’s not likely that PJ Harvey is going to be my best friend I named my new best friend after her. She’s tiny, ferocious, and hot in one seemingly quiet little bundle. In honor of both PJ Harvey and PJ Hehnly here’s PJ performing Rid of Me and Long Snake Moan.

I’d like to have a beer with…

February 1, 2009

Polly Jean Harvey

She’s an interesting chic. She’s private, rock’s harder than any woman in music, and seems to do her art just to create something that pleases her. In the few interviews that she has done she appears quiet, soft spoken, and maybe a little awkward. However, when she’s onstage she’s a totally different woman.

I’ve included my favorite video by her below and an interview that exemplifies what I stated above. I really don’t know why I like this music video so much. I love the song on her 1993 release Rid of Me. I also like that Steve Albini produced this album, I think the way he helped her sound so raw like you were in the room with her and her band, is perfect. I think this video complements that nicely.

Here’s a short interview with Polly.