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Goodreads is pretty neat…

August 18, 2009

I’ve been trying to read. I know, its a shocker. Usually when I read, I read juicy novels with complex stories, lots of drama, and of course SEX. I also like fantasy novels that take me into a world that could never “really” exist, but I like to believe that in some parallel universe might. You know, like there really is a Hogwarts that I could go to or send my kids to.

Now I’m trying to step away from my more imaginative book choices and pick some more music based educational books. I have two on my Goodreads “Music Book” shelf. I’ve included the link below:

So if anyone knows of a great tale about music please let me know, so I can add it to my list of things I should read. As you can see from the image above, my list is short. But first on it is the book “It came from Memphis” in honor of Jim Dickinson’s passing away 3 days ago. He played piano for the Stone’s “Wild Horses” (which Gram Parsons also recorded), was a record producer, and fronted the Memphis based band, Snake Eyes (among many other things).

There is no Radio Loveless this week on KRUI 89.7fm, however next week I’m back on Wednesday 8 till 10 pm. Listen in.

Well it is Radio Loveless…

July 9, 2009

It’s going to be a mix of stuff I like tonight. Listen in to KRUI 89.7 fm tonight (Wednesday) from 8 to 10 pm or online here.

1. Belly, King, Super-Connected
2. Robert Pollard’s Supernatural Car Lover
3. Bob Mould, Body of Song, Circles
4. The Weakerthans, Reconstruction Site, Reconstruction Site (request from Willie!!)
5. Death Cab for Cutie’s Soul Meets Boy (another request from Willie)
6. Richard Hell’s The Kid with the Replaceable Head
7. The Germs, the tunnel
8. Archers of Loaf’s Fashion Bleeds
9. Cat Power’s Mr. Gallo (with Steve Shelley)
10. The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Strung out in Heaven
11. The Smiths, What difference does it make
12. Black Tambourine’s Black Car
13. Nirvana’s Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle
14. Dead Boys, Flame thrower love
15. Modest Mouse’s, Worms vs. Birds (a request)
16. Frank Black & The Catholics, Pistolero, I loved your Brain
17. New Order, Substance, Procession
18. My Bloody Valentine, Isn’t Anything, Lose My Breath
19. Slowdive, Souvlaki, Slouvaki Space Station
20. PJ Harvey, Dry, Highway 61 revisted
21. Morphine, B-sides and otherwise, have a lucky day
22. The Fall, gut of the quantifier
23. Built of Spill, Untrustable Part 2 (Here’s a live performance I got off of YouTube of these guys performing in Portland.)

24. Unwound’s Demons sing love songs
25. Fugazi’s Downed City
26. The Church’s Destination (for Mike), Here’s the Church performing Destination live, I also got it off of YouTube:

27. Spacemen 3, Drive/feel so sad


June 18, 2009

I’ve been traveling back to Iowa city from Germany for the past day. I got back about an hour ago, and I’m here bringing you some sweet tunes. Listen in.

Here’s the set so far:
1. Boss Hog’s Winn Coma
2. Minor Threat, Salad Days
3. Pussy Galore’s Dick Johnson
4. Lush’s When I die
5. Catherine Wheel’s Flower to Hide (Released around 91/92)
6. Telltale hearts, No Surprise
7. Melvins, Houdini, Going Blind (Released around 93)
8. Nirvana, From the muddy banks of the wishkah, Sliver (there’s a couple of gems of this 1996 release of Nirvana’s live tracks.)
9. Sugar, Copper Blue, Helpless
10. The Replacements, Nightclub jitters
11. Yo La tengo, Some Kinda Fatigue
12. The Breeders, Here no More
13. The Cure, Doubt
12. MC5, I want you right now (a great request)
13. Iggy Pop, Gimme Danger
14. Sonic Youth, Dirty, Chapel Hill (released in 92)
15. Swirlies, Cats of the Wild: Volume Two, Indian Ocean Nose Dive
16. Black Flag, my war
17. Bad Brains, Big take over
18. The Sea and Cake, The Sea and Cake, Show boat angel (Its hard to believe that this came out in 94, it still seems so fresh to me.)
Here’s a more recent track, Weekend

19. Stereolab, Dots and Loops, Diagonals (released on or around 97)

The Next Two Weeks…

June 1, 2009

The next two weeks I am going to Germany and Spain. YIPPEE! However I am going to miss DJing two Radio Loveless shows on KRUI 89.7 FM.

However, I have two AWESOME subs to do the show. This week will be the DJ who brings you Standing on the Verge, and next week will be the DJ that brings you Badsville. They truly are AWESOME, so listen in this Wednesday and next from 8 to 10 pm to hear some great sounds.

See you in 2 weeks..
[This is a depiction of my dad, by me (heidihehnly).]


May 2, 2009

This coming Wednesday my very special DJ-cohost for almost 2 to 3 years (so long I can’t remember) is joining me and we are *GASP* going to play our favorite albums/singles EVER! I’m nervous, I have to sit down and dig deep into my innermost feelings to do this. I anticipate this may be our greatest show ever.

Listen in this Wednesday 8pm till 10pm on KRUI 89.7fm, you can also listen on line here.

On a side note, Sonic Youth is releasing a new album and a free 128 kb stream on matador. It’s called the eternal.

149133.the eternal
It seems like I always find out about these things from these crazy kids, you should tune into them too.