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I Loved You First…

May 13, 2009

(She’s just so CUTE!)

This is a lyrical snippet from a track by Regina Spektor called Samson. I won’t be playing it this Wednesday, but the lyric (in a confusing sort of way) defines how I feel about Iowa City. It’s my last show of the semester, and this summer you will be peppered by my presence again on Wednesday nights from 8 to 10pm on KRUI 89.7.

Here’s what I played:

1. Lou Reed, I’ll be your mirror
2. Liz Phair, May Queen

3. The Amps, Pacer
4. Heatmiser, rest my head against the wall
5. Built to Spill, Out of Sight
6. Radiohead’s Lurgee
7. The Dream Syndicate, Then She Remembers
8. Frank Black & The Catholics, Bad Harmony of off pistolero
9. Fugazi’s Suggestion
10. Cat Power’s Nude as the News
11. Luna’s Pup Tent
12. Spacemen 3, Walking with Jesus
13. Yo La Tengo, Deeper into Movies

14. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Never Saw it Coming
15. The Kinks, I need you
16. The Animals, Baby Let me take you Home (I sing this to all the boys.)
17. Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Are you Straight or are you Blind
18. REM, Radio Free Europe
19. Talking Heads, I’m not in Love
20. Husker Du’s Could you be the one?
21. New Order’s Leave me Alone

22. Killing Joke’s Requiem

23. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Thirsty Dog
24. PJ Harvey’s The Life and Death of Mr. Bad Mouth
25. The Beat Happening’s Godsend
26. Morphine’s Good


Post Punk and the fun that followed.

February 17, 2009

This Wednesday the show is going to focus around Post Punk, No Wave, and New Wave. I have a tendency to just call all these genres Post Punk. I know that its probably wrong, and they each have unique attributes, but I’m going to lump them all together anyways. When I think Post Punk, I think unique, introverted, and experimental sound. I’m going to try to play some of the bands that defined Post Punk from the late 70s early 80s and then move into some bands that still captured a lot of that sound during the 90s and even now.

I’ll update the tracks later this week, so don’t forget to listen this Wednesday from 8 to 10pm.

So in brief, here’s what I’m thinking about playing:

1. Joy Division, Decades
2. The Fall, Barmy
3. Siouxsie and the Banshees, Hybrid
4. New Order, Confusion
5. Killing Joke, Eighties
Here’s a great video of these guys…

6. Elvis Costello, Pump it Up
7. Lords of the New Church, New Church
8. The Cure, Torture
I’ve included a music video for one of my favorite Cure tracks below.

9. Wire, 1 2 X U
This album is great, and the sound of this track is wonderful. It’s so wonderful
that Britt Daniel of Spoon attempted to cover it below:

10. Magazine, the Light pours out of me
11. Suicide, Rocket USA
12. Virgin Prunes, Sandpaper Lullaby
13. The Swell Maps, Midget Submarine
14. Devo, Jocko Homo
15. Gary Numan & Tubway Army, Bombers
16. The Slits, Typical Girls
17. James Chance and the Contortions, Contort Yourself
18. Sonic Youth (didn’t get a chance to play this)

19. Spacemen3, Take me to the Other Side
20. Half Japanese, Firecracker
21. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Can’t Stop
22. ESG, UFO
These girls are DAMN cool.
23. Talking Heads, The Great Curve
24. Flipper, Shed No Tears
25. Gang of Four, Return the Gift
26. Public Image Ltd., Careering
27. Talking Heads, The Great Curve