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“40 Years of Art and Beyond”

March 17, 2010

I got an email from Iowa entitled “40 Years of Art and Beyond” and took a peak. After looking at some of the pictures, such as this:

I realized that Iowa has gone through some hard times the past couple of years. First, we were hit with a tornado and then a huge flood which overwhelmed the art museum. But, they found away through. Most of the art (which I have heard being boasted as one of the best private collections in the mid-west) was moved to the Iowa Memorial Union and now some of it is featured at Davenport’s FIGGE art museum.
Of the 12,000 pieces of art included in the University’s collection is Jackson Pollock’s Mural featured below:

There’s a new book out now highlighting Iowa’s 40 years of appreciating art called Building a Masterpiece by Abigail Foerstner, journalism professor at Northwestern University and author of James Van Allen: The First Eight Billion Miles (University of Iowa Press, 2007) and Picturing Utopia (University of Iowa Press, 2005).