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Lana Del Rey- This is what makes us girls.

November 19, 2012

She keeps popping up in my life. At first I was not into this at all, her smokey voice is getting to me though. The portrait of her on the cover of this album is utterly beautiful. Now I have the urge to go out and buy the whole album.

Devo and Blondie are touring!!!

June 23, 2012


Thursday Nights

June 8, 2012



June 4, 2012


Mike at the salon.

Hotpot for 22.

April 28, 2012

Mike and I served 22 people last night delicious Hotpot, with the help of Katie and Tse Chun, in celebration of Hui Fang deciding to join the lab I work in.ImageWe set up three tables with three different bases.  One had a clam base, one was spicy, and one was a miso base.  We finished off with cheesecake (made by Chris) and egg pudding (made by Hui Fang).


It was so lovely.  One of the nicest evenings I’ve had in Worcester.

Happy Birthday Michael Chang!

July 6, 2011

by Ashley Pridmore-Abrego and Raul Abrego

Mission of Burma at the Bell House

February 1, 2011

I got to go to Brooklyn NY last weekend and see one of my all time favorite bands, Mission of Burma.  They played at a really nice venue called the Bell House and performed some of my favorite tracks, such as Trem Two (I’ve included this track below). They also let me take a picture with them! So if you get a chance go see this great band, you won’t regret it.  I’ve included some pictures below.

Here’s Roger Miller (guitarist), Clint Conley (bassist) and myself (Heidi Hehnly).
Here’s a couple of them performing:

Here’s Trem Two off of Vs.

Dreaming covered by Michael Chang

December 2, 2010

Originally done by Blondie, here’s my hubby doing it.
Just click below. Enjoy.
Dreaming by Michael Chang

(taken by Peter Trenh)

You’re so Beautiful you could be a waitress…

October 27, 2010

Man this song makes me laugh out loud. Germaine you giant hottie you, I’ll share a Kebab with you.

Everyone get ready to dance to this in a week and a half.

Steve Albini….

October 6, 2010

Here’s a quote by Albini featured in GQ magazine and also on Pitchfork‘s website.
First here’s what Steve says about Sonic Youth: “I don’t know the exact circumstances of Sonic Youth’s decision… A lot of that stuff was offensive to me and I saw it as a sellout and a corruption of a perfectly valid, well-oiled music scene. Sonic Youth… chose to join the mainstream culture and become a foot soldier for that culture’s encroachment into my neck of the woods by acting as scouts. I thought it was crass and I thought it reflected poorly on them. I still consider them friends and their music has its own integrity, but that kind of behavior– I can’t say that I think it’s not embarrassing for them. I think they should be embarrassed about it.” OUCH!!!

GQ also asked: “How would you describe your fashion?” He answered: “I think fashion is repulsive. The whole idea that someone else can make clothing that is supposed to be in style and make other people look good is ridiculous. It sickens me to think that there is an industry that plays to the low self-esteem of the general public. I would like the fashion industry to collapse. I think it plays to the most superficial, most insecure parts of human nature. I hope GQ as a magazine fails. I hope that all of these people who make a living by looking pretty are eventually made destitute or forced to do something of substance. At least pornography has a function.”

I guess he doesn’t like urban outfitters or the fact that Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon has a fashion line featured there.
Read the whole interview in GQ here.