Membrane Traffic; by Heidi Hehnly-Chang

Membrane Traffic; by Heidi Hehnly-Chang

Multimedia painting. Golgi apparatus and secretory vesicles in green. Endosomes in yellow. Microtubules are black lines. Lysosomes and Multivesicular bodies are in red. The centrosome is the dark blue cylinders in the middle. Background was creating using different textured mediums and lace. Forefront contains papers and enamels.

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3 Responses to “Membrane Traffic; by Heidi Hehnly-Chang”

  1. jobonga Says:

    I love it! Your worlds collide. You should include this as a figure in your next published paper…

  2. radioloveless Says:

    I tried to get the cover of the last article I did with it, but It didn’t get it. A cool bug got it instead.

  3. Endosomes and Centrosome; by Heidi Hehnly-Chang « Loveless Says:

    […] never get a chance to present this image, but I based the painting two posts before on it. Its an electron micrograph of the centrosome (the two little circles) in a nuclear invagination […]

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