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The Wooden Birds- Seven Seventeen

June 21, 2012

I’m really into the band American Analog Set, especially the album Know by Heart. I think the main reason I was so into this band in the early 2000’s was the beautiful simple guitar cords and the wispy voice of Andrew Kenny. Now he’s on one of my favorite labels (Barsuk) with his new project The Wooden Birds. The album Magnolia features Ben Gibbard (of death cab for cutie) and members of Ola Podrida. Its produced by Nada Surf’s Louie Lino. Go out and give it a listen. If you like Iron and Wine, Nada Surf’s newer stuff… then I promise, you’ll love it. While your at it, go out and buy some old American Analog Set, and lay around the couch with a gin and tonic. It will be the best weekend ever.