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Tobacco Bowl

November 13, 2011

I started this painting in 2004.  It took me 7 years to finish it.  But, I recently finished it and gave it to a lovely friend who was celebrating her 28th birthday.  I started this with a sketch I did at the Tobacco Bowl in Iowa city of the two guys on the right playing chess and the one on the left watching them having a cigarette.  It’s a mix of watercolor crayons and acrylic on canvas.

By Heidi Hehnly-Chang

I love this…

November 11, 2011



Here’s the caption that went with it:

Cultural Differences Noticed at the G20 meeting in Toronto …
The Canadian: Self-absorbed and disconnected from reality.
The American: Businesslike, unwilling to be distracted.
The French and the Italian: “LOOK AT THAT ASS!””