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I want you right now

April 29, 2010

by MC5, they brought you brilliance back in 1969 off of their album Kick out the Jams.

One Great Day with Bob Gruen.

April 25, 2010

Today has been one fun filled day. I woke up, got to see a polar bear and turtles at the Worcester EcoTarium.  I then trotted off to the Worcester Art Museum to buy Mike’s and my membership. At the Worcester Art Museum there’s an exhibit going on called “Who Shot Rock n’ Roll.”  If you live in Central Mass go check it out, its great.

I also got to see BOB GRUEN give a talk on his experience as one of the greatest photographers of Rock n’ Roll history (I’ve featured Bob previously on radioloveless after I went to see his instillation at the MoMa). He seemed so sweet and so down to earth with cute jokes and heartfelt stories about some of the musicians he has worked with. He is probably most famous for filming John Lennon.  There is a beautiful collection of his pictures that you can view here and his website is here. This is one of my favorite photos he did of John, which he showed today called “statue of liberty”.

After his talk I was so happy I hardly could speak, but I really wanted to go up to him and tell him how much I love his stuff.  So I waited in line shaking and sweating and I got this photo with him.

So happy.

Debbie Harry

April 23, 2010

“No. I’m very nice to people. I mean, I have my bitchy side, but I don’t think I’m really nasty. I think that a lot of other people probably think that I am. Fuck them.”

Release date was 1976, here’s X Offender:

I pulled the quote from the site X, which I love the photos and ditties describing them. Check it out.


April 22, 2010

I wish I could pull this off.

However I think people at work might judge me, but if I was a rockstar this would be my daytime wear.

There’s lots of other great stuff at Beklina, check them out.

Ocean Breathes Salty

April 21, 2010

by Modest Mouse off of their album Good News for People Who Love Bad News (2004).


April 18, 2010

Spacemen 3 are amazing. They formed in 1982 and their music spanned post-punk to shoegaze genres. Take a listen you’re bound to fall in love.

The track is called Hypnotized and was featured on their fourth and final release Recurring back in 1991.

Tim Walker

April 17, 2010

So I first saw this photographer’s pieces on the blog all the mountains. I thought I would feature him here for Art Wednesday (even though I know its not Wednesday) because I really do adore his romantic, whimsical, and cleverly odd photos. I’ve included some here, but definitely take a peak at his website, Tim Walker Photography.

Jesus, Etc

April 13, 2010

Here’s a clip of one of my favorite Wilco tracks off of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in honor of our new pooch Tweedy (I’ve included a couple of pixs). We named him after the lead singer Jeff.

(Photos taken by Heidi Hehnly, and are of an Irish Setter/Standard Poodle mix at 11 weeks.)

Blue Arrangements

April 12, 2010

by the Silver Jews

Silver Jews formed in New York City in 1989 by David Berman along with Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus and Bob Nastanovich. They disbanded in 2009. This track is off of their 1998 album American Water.

This was written on the Silver Jews Bulletin board and also featured on The Corduroy Suit by David Berman addressing the bands end:
Hello, my friend.
Cassie and I went to the cave and it looks great. 58 degrees but the humidity makes it feel like 72.
I’m just going to play fifteen songs. My fifteen favorite ones.
A dollar per song. Plus Arnett Hollow. I don’t
want to keep you underground for too long. Fall Creek Falls State Park State Lodge is great by the way its like the one from a place wherein they called Falls –
Yes I canceled the South American shows. I’ll have to see the ABC Countries another way.
I guess I am moving over to another category. Screenwriting or Muckraking.
I’ve got to move on. Can’t be like all the careerists doncha know.
I’m forty two and I know what to do.
I’m a writer, see?
Cassie is taking it the hardest. She’s a fan and a player but she sees how happy i am with the decision.
I always said we would stop before we got bad. If I continue to record I might accidentally write the song answer to Shiny Happy People.
What, you thought I was going to hang on to the bitter end like Marybeth Hamilton?
love david

I Love my Balcony

April 7, 2010

Here’s what wikipedia says about Balconies:
Balcony (from Italian: balcone, scaffold; cf. Old High German balcho, beam, balk; probably cognate with Persian term بالكانه bālkāneh or its older variant پالكانه pālkāneh[1])
Here’s mine:

Arty isn’t it?