Center of Gravity

It’s a mix tonight. Listen in as always for some great tunes on KRUI 89.7fm or online here.

Here’s a sampling of my set:
1. Mission of Burma’s That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate
2. Mogwai’s Hunted by a Freak
3. Murder City Devils, Thelema, One Vision of May
4. Pixies, Come on Pilgrim, Levitate Me
5. Portishead, Dummy, Sour Times
6. The Replacements, Let it Be, Unsatisfied
7. The Stone Roses, Turns into Stone, Elephant Stone
8. Superchunk, Incidental Music 1991-95, Night of Chill Blue (This may be my all time FAVORITE Superchunk track, get ready to rock out.)
9. Wire, Chairs Missing, Too Late (Yo La Tengo did an awesome cover of this)
10. R.E.M.’s Cuyahoga
11. Yo La Tengo, I can hear the heart beating as one, Center of Gravity
12. Hot Snakes, Suicide Invoice, Paid in Cigarettes
13. Kinski, Down Below it’s Chaos, Boy, Was I mad!
14. MC5, I can only give you everything
15. Pavement, Wowee Zowee, We Dance

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4 Responses to “Center of Gravity”

  1. mike Says:

    On my drive out here to Brooklyn, I crossed the Cuyahoga River in Ohio (as in REM’s “Cuyahoga”), and I have to say it looked pretty good…not at all like a river that could catch on fire like it did a few decades ago…

  2. God Says:

    Oh music guru, I’ve got a challenge for you: try to merge music in movies as a six degrees of separation game. For example, get from Brad Pitt to Anthony Michael Hall:
    1) Brad Pitt – in Snatch
    2) Snatch – Guy Ritchie – Lock Stock
    3) Lock Stock – Stone Roses’ Fool’s Gold
    4) Fool’s Gold – They Might Be Giants
    5) Anthony Michael Hall – Once was a giant, now a nobody.

    Something like that. Your challenge: John Cusack to Heath Ledger. Go. Now…don’t walk, run!

  3. God Says:

    PS – Morrissey releases a new solo album? I thought he killed himself, like 6 times now.

  4. radioloveless Says:

    Dear God,

    That requires me to be a movie guru too!?! I don’t know, I’m struggling. I do love John though.


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