I know this is to Martin Luther King, but it’s such a nice birthday song (released 1981) and who wouldn’t want Stevie to sing them Happy Birthday?

Here’s some info on the song I got from Wikipedia (my favorite place to figure things out.) I’ve always liked the song but had no idea Stevie played a role in the formation of MLK day. If I could, I’d have Stevie for a best friend.
“Happy Birthday” is a 1981 single written, produced, and performed by Stevie Wonder for the Motown label. Wonder, a social activist, was one of the main figures in the campaign to have the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. become a national holiday, and created this single to make the cause known. Besides being released as a single, the song also appears on Wonder’s album Hotter Than July, and the vinyl LP release of this album (or at least one issue thereof) included a sleeve liner featuring on one side a photo portrait of Dr. King with a dedication and explanation of the King Day cause written by Wonder and on the other side a collage of civil rights movement photos, including one of King leading a demonstration march.

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