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People are in love with Christina Martinez….

May 19, 2009

One of my favorite things to do since starting my blog is to check my stats. It tells me what people search for to get to my blog, how many people come on a daily basis, and what links they hit when they are here. But, what has been most interesting for me the past month or so is the searches that people are doing to get to “Radio Loveless the Blog”.

The top searches are listed below:
1. Christina Martinez
2. Boss Hog- Christina Martinez
3. Christina Martinez’s Boobs.

This shocked me. I have posted about Guided by Voices, Shoegaze, My Bloody Valentine, PJ Harvey, but the thing that everyone wants to know about is Christina Martinez and its the album cover of Christina Martinez’s band Boss Hog that I posted in the 1995 to 2000 shown here that seems to get all the attention.

I love Christina, don’t get me wrong, but what is it about this woman? Is it that she is nude on over 50% of her album covers (some featured below)? Is it her sultry voice? Is it because she got to marry Jon Spencer? Is it just because she is so damn HOT?  I just don’t understand. Someone please explain this to me.