Radioloveless with Zach

It was possibly my last show with my favorite and only cohost ever, Zach. Here’s our list. It was great.

1. Talking Head’s Slippery People
2. Murder City Devils, Dancing Shoes
3. Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Search and Destroy
4. The Misfits, Where Eagles Dare (what a great track!)
5. The Germs, Lexicon Devil
6. Sleater Kinney, Dig Me Out
7. Nirvana’s Serve the Servants
8. Superchunk’s Punch Me Harder
9. PJ Harvey’s Hardly Wait
10. The Smiths, What Difference Does it Make
11. The Cure’s A Forest
12. New Order’s Procession
13. Tears for Fears, Mad World
14. My Bloody Valentine’s When You Sleep
15. The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anemone
16. Jesus & Mary Chain’s April Skies
17. Sonic Youth’s Schizophrenia
18. Pixies, Break My Body
19. The Breeders, New Year
20. Mission of Burma’s Trem Two
21. Guided by Voices, Tractor Rape Chain
22. Pavement’s The Hexx
23. Tom Waits, Jockey Full of Bourbon
24. Elliot Smith’s See You Later
25. Husker Du’s Celebrated Summer
26. The Replacements, I Will Dare
27. Gang of Four’s Natural’s Not In It
28. We finished off with the Melvins, Night Goat

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