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Cat Power and Kurt Cobain?

May 31, 2009

I found Cat Power’s “I don’t blame you” set to Nirvana clips or a video (can’t figure out which) today on you tube. It has a real eerie feeling to it. The editor of the video says that Chan wrote this based on Kurt, I don’t know if this is the case but it is about a rock star ruined by fame. “I don’t blame you” is on her 2003 ablum You Are Free.

The lyrics to “I don’t blame you” could also apply here…

Goodness, Jon Spencer is HOT.

May 23, 2009

And, he rocks too. Here he is playing Dick Johnson in his pre Blues Explosion days with his band Pussy Galore (which existed between 1985-1990).

People are in love with Christina Martinez….

May 19, 2009

One of my favorite things to do since starting my blog is to check my stats. It tells me what people search for to get to my blog, how many people come on a daily basis, and what links they hit when they are here. But, what has been most interesting for me the past month or so is the searches that people are doing to get to “Radio Loveless the Blog”.

The top searches are listed below:
1. Christina Martinez
2. Boss Hog- Christina Martinez
3. Christina Martinez’s Boobs.

This shocked me. I have posted about Guided by Voices, Shoegaze, My Bloody Valentine, PJ Harvey, but the thing that everyone wants to know about is Christina Martinez and its the album cover of Christina Martinez’s band Boss Hog that I posted in the 1995 to 2000 shown here that seems to get all the attention.

I love Christina, don’t get me wrong, but what is it about this woman? Is it that she is nude on over 50% of her album covers (some featured below)? Is it her sultry voice? Is it because she got to marry Jon Spencer? Is it just because she is so damn HOT?  I just don’t understand. Someone please explain this to me.


There’s another Radio Loveless, and they ROCK.

May 16, 2009

I was googling RadioLoveless to see if my Blog shows up and I found another Radio Loveless, and they sound like they ROCK! The DJ lists out his/her favorite albums here and you can listen to it online here.

Here’s what DJ Loveless lists as his/her top five favorite albums:
1. the smiths – the smiths 2. red house painters – [I] ‘rollercoaster’ 3. my bloody valentine – loveless (its DJ Loveless’s favorite album too! Probably why we both decided upon the same name.) 4. jeff buckley – grace 5. the cure – faith or disintegration (I’d pick faith.)

On a side note, High Fidelity defines why I love the TOP 5. Here it is:

(I love that SMOG is playing in the back ground.)

Now back to the title of my post, DJ Loveless is another example of a person who I’d love to have a beer with. Whoever puts The Smiths, The Cure, and My Bloody Valentine in their top 5 are most definitely a cool sort.

My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless

I Loved You First…

May 13, 2009

(She’s just so CUTE!)

This is a lyrical snippet from a track by Regina Spektor called Samson. I won’t be playing it this Wednesday, but the lyric (in a confusing sort of way) defines how I feel about Iowa City. It’s my last show of the semester, and this summer you will be peppered by my presence again on Wednesday nights from 8 to 10pm on KRUI 89.7.

Here’s what I played:

1. Lou Reed, I’ll be your mirror
2. Liz Phair, May Queen

3. The Amps, Pacer
4. Heatmiser, rest my head against the wall
5. Built to Spill, Out of Sight
6. Radiohead’s Lurgee
7. The Dream Syndicate, Then She Remembers
8. Frank Black & The Catholics, Bad Harmony of off pistolero
9. Fugazi’s Suggestion
10. Cat Power’s Nude as the News
11. Luna’s Pup Tent
12. Spacemen 3, Walking with Jesus
13. Yo La Tengo, Deeper into Movies

14. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Never Saw it Coming
15. The Kinks, I need you
16. The Animals, Baby Let me take you Home (I sing this to all the boys.)
17. Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Are you Straight or are you Blind
18. REM, Radio Free Europe
19. Talking Heads, I’m not in Love
20. Husker Du’s Could you be the one?
21. New Order’s Leave me Alone

22. Killing Joke’s Requiem

23. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Thirsty Dog
24. PJ Harvey’s The Life and Death of Mr. Bad Mouth
25. The Beat Happening’s Godsend
26. Morphine’s Good

Pandora is the Greatest…

May 8, 2009

If you don’t know about Pandora, sign up and check it out. You can share play lists, create stations around genres of music that you like, and save artists and songs that you’ve heard that rock. With all these new and novel ways of learning about great bands, you don’t need to study for hours trying to find that cool album that speaks to your own unique style. Here’s my site for an idea of how it works (click on the picture to go to the sight):


Radioloveless with Zach

May 7, 2009

It was possibly my last show with my favorite and only cohost ever, Zach. Here’s our list. It was great.

1. Talking Head’s Slippery People
2. Murder City Devils, Dancing Shoes
3. Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Search and Destroy
4. The Misfits, Where Eagles Dare (what a great track!)
5. The Germs, Lexicon Devil
6. Sleater Kinney, Dig Me Out
7. Nirvana’s Serve the Servants
8. Superchunk’s Punch Me Harder
9. PJ Harvey’s Hardly Wait
10. The Smiths, What Difference Does it Make
11. The Cure’s A Forest
12. New Order’s Procession
13. Tears for Fears, Mad World
14. My Bloody Valentine’s When You Sleep
15. The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anemone
16. Jesus & Mary Chain’s April Skies
17. Sonic Youth’s Schizophrenia
18. Pixies, Break My Body
19. The Breeders, New Year
20. Mission of Burma’s Trem Two
21. Guided by Voices, Tractor Rape Chain
22. Pavement’s The Hexx
23. Tom Waits, Jockey Full of Bourbon
24. Elliot Smith’s See You Later
25. Husker Du’s Celebrated Summer
26. The Replacements, I Will Dare
27. Gang of Four’s Natural’s Not In It
28. We finished off with the Melvins, Night Goat


May 2, 2009

This coming Wednesday my very special DJ-cohost for almost 2 to 3 years (so long I can’t remember) is joining me and we are *GASP* going to play our favorite albums/singles EVER! I’m nervous, I have to sit down and dig deep into my innermost feelings to do this. I anticipate this may be our greatest show ever.

Listen in this Wednesday 8pm till 10pm on KRUI 89.7fm, you can also listen on line here.

On a side note, Sonic Youth is releasing a new album and a free 128 kb stream on matador. It’s called the eternal.

149133.the eternal
It seems like I always find out about these things from these crazy kids, you should tune into them too.